CrossRoads 2022 Tee-Shirts

Order For Our Neighbor shirts here!

With THANKS for your support of our FOR OUR NEIGHBOR initiatives, we would like for you and your family to have a gift of free tee-shirts of our 2022 For Our Neighbor shirts. You have a choice of three styles, Classic, Indiana, or our NEW Heart style.

The logo design on the CLASSIC and INDIANA style is white on the FRONT of the shirt and can be printed on any color shirt of your choice. 

The new HEART logo is printed in white, green, and blue on the BACK of the shirt and looks better on darker color shirts. 

If you would like more than one shirt per person, the cost is $15 per shirt, upon delivery of the shirt to you. Please see below for colors and sizes. You can get a long-sleeve version by also indicating “LS” in the style box.

If you would like your shirt to be long-sleeved, please indicate "LS" along with your style.

Sizes are: Adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL. Kids sizes that will fit our logo are kids L and XL. The logo will be white letters on a colored tee shirt. Each shirt will have the CrossRoads logo on backside of the shirt at the top center.