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Sign-up here to serve in our 4 Initiatives

Sign-Up Here to Serve in One of Our 4 Initiatives - For Our Neighbor

What would happen if our NEIGHBORS suddenly realize that CROSSROADS is FOR them?

  • CrossRoads is somewhere where they can find friends.
  • CrossRoads is a safe place to talk about God and life.
  • CrossRoads helps when there is a need in the neighborhood.
  • CrossRoads helps them win as a family.
  • CrossRoads helps them find answers to their questions.
  • CrossRoads gives them hope and a reason to live.

When Jesus is asked what is the most important thing, He says we must love God and love our neighbor. [Mark 12:30-31]Starting on February 12, 2017 CrossRoads Church launched FOUR initiatives all with a desire to impact our local neighbors. Our desire is that with each contact we have with our local neighbors we can impact and influence them to know Jesus.

CrossRoads Church exists FOR OUR NEIGHBOR because our LOCAL NEIGHBORS matter to JESUS.

SIGN UP HERE by checking all of the boxes below where you would like to serve, give us your name, phone and email, and we will be in touch with you!

Thank you for serving our neighbors!

We love serving our neighbors. We love meeting and getting to know them. And through every contact we hope that Jesus becomes real to them through our actions and love. In the past four years [2017-2021] we have made over 28,000 impacts with our local neighbors, that is 28,000+ opportunities that we have had to impact a local neighbor so that they might know Jesus.

Our Impact Report for the first four years of For Our Neighbor is below. We are greatly thankful for all God has done through us!

If you wish to make a donation to FOR OUR NEIGHBOR, you may do so securely using a Credit Card through CrossRoads Church at Westfield at this LINK

If you have any questions please email us at